About Dr Suja Padmanabhan


Dr Suja Padmanabhan is a Specialist Endocrinologist located in Western Sydney (Parramatta and Westmead). She is experienced in the treatment of all endocrine conditions including Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, insulin pump, weight management, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, parathyroid, calcium, pituitary and adrenal disorders. Dr Padmanabhan has a special interest in the treatment of diabetes, endocrine disorders in pregnancy, women’s health including menopause and PCOS. She is highly regarded by her peers and well liked by her patients for her warm and caring nature. She is passionate about providing a comprehensive, holistic approach based on the latest research to achieve the best outcome for her patients.


Education and Research:

Dr Suja Padmanabhan graduated from the University of New South Wales with Honours in 2004 and subsequently completed a Masters of Public health. She underwent Physicians and Endocrine training at Prince of Wales and Westmead Hospital where she gained her fellowship with the Royal Australian College of Physicians. She holds an academic title with the University of Sydney as Senior Clinical Lecturer in the area of Endocrinology and maintains an active role in diabetes research, publishing nationally and internationally. She has completed a PhD in the area of Diabetes and Pregnancy with the University of Sydney and received the prestigious postgraduate NHMRC scholarship, the Sydney Medical School Foundation Scholarship and the Australian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society investigator award for her work. 



In addition to her private rooms in Parramatta, Dr Padmanabhan is a Staff Specialist Endocrinologist at Westmead hospital running public outpatient clinics in Diabetes in Pregnancy and the Integrated Diabetes Care Service. She is a Visiting Medical Officer at Westmead Private Hospital and a Senior Clinical Lecturer with the University of Sydney.

Awards and Academic Titles

Senior Clinical Lecturer

University of Sydney

Australian Diabetes In Pregnancy Society Investigator Award 2016


National Health and Medical Research Council Scholarship 2014-16


Sydney University Medical School Foundation Scholarship 2013


Bachelor of Medicine (Med Science) Bachelor of Surgery (With Honours) University of New South Wales 

Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

James Cook University

Fellow- Royal Australian College of Physicians

Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)

University of Sydney


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